Do you want to publish your writing, but know that it lacks the flare and drop-dead beauty necessary to interest professional editors, agents and publishers? I can help you. I've been an editor and creative writing mentor for 36 years. I've helped many writers become published and PAID authors. My books have been published by Berkley, TSR, ACE/Berkley and Cool Well Press. I've written numerous short stories that have appeared in such magazines as AMAZING STORIES. I've sold my books to Hollywood. I have been in the world of publishing all my professional life.

I not only help you with your sentence structure, but I make sure your plot, characterization, structure, and pacing work. If you jump out of point of view, I’ll let you know. If you repeat yourself, I will most certainly let you know!

So what does all this personalized service cost?

I charge $2.00 per double-spaced, typed page and require a legible font such as Helvetica 12. All your questions are answered for free. Make sure that you double-space your manuscript and use a type font that is legible, such as Courier or Helvetica. I edit a manuscript electronically using Microsoft .doc or .docx. In this case, I use the tracking and comment feature in the software program, so make sure you have the ability to utilize this feature.

Also, please understand that I require payment up front with your pages. I also don’t accept partial manuscripts.

I take Paypal for payment.

Give yourself the opportunity for success! 

What my clients say:

I can tell you from personal experience that Denise Vitola is one of the best editors I've ever had the privilege of working with during my more than 30 years as a professional writer. She will not allow you to get by with anything that keeps your writing from being absolutely top shelf.  Denise knows the publishing and marketing business from both sides of the book covers. I am amazed that she charges well below others who can't come close to her experience and expertise. Why mess with the rest when you can get the best for less? If you want it done "write," do it with Denise! -- Nancy Robinson Masters, award-winning author of more than 40 books, and thousands of feature articles for magazines and newspapers. (

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Denise Vitola on two of my novels, and after experiencing her expertise with editing, I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. Denise is articulate, insightful and professional. She does more than find missing or misspelled words, she helps you with sentence structure, clarification, and storyline consistency, as well as so much more. And above all, she is a wonderful person who is so easy to work with. I plan on hiring Denise for all of my future novels. In fact, I told her she can never retire, because I’ll never find another editor who is as wonderful as her. --
Deanna Lynn Sletten, author of Destination Wedding and Kiss A Cowboy

"I wrote for fifteen years without publishing a word -- then I met Denise Vitola. Not only is she an extremely talented editor, but she goes the extra mile to spend time with her students to teach the mechanics of writing." --Mitchel Whitington, Author of
A Ghost in My Suitcase and Publisher of 23 House Press.

"Denise "YoDen" Vitola edited the first two books of my Phantom Series.  Not only is she a terrific editor with many years of experience, she is also a very talented and respected author.  Best of all, she is kind and compassionate in her comments and suggestions.  Not only did she vastly improve my manuscripts, she also taught me how to avoid making the same mistakes on my next book."  --Ann Swann author of
Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot, Stevie-girl and the Phantom Student, All For Love, and soon to be released, Stutter Creek.

Denise Vitola is an editor par excellence. She has edited my novels, ripping them apart to allow me to re-establish the story with more punch and depth. Denise goes beyond correcting the words -- she makes you an author learning the craft through edits and assignments. I may see an immense amount of red when she returns the manuscript but when I have made the corrections and removed those marks, my story is no long just a story, it's a tale of wonder. My characters no longer walk onto the stage and talk, but enter strut their stuff and speak soliloquies that would make Shakespeare whimper. Denise is not just an editor, she is a teacher. --Robert Nailor, Author of
Three Steps: The Journey of Ayrold, and Ancient Blood: The Amazon.

I used to write books that went nowhere. And then one day, I met Denise Vitola, an editor/writing coach who showed me how to make my novels shine. She doesn't just edit for simple grammar, she actually teaches you how to become a better writer. If there is an area in your work that needs improvement, either in character development, plot or POV, she will address it by giving you assignments and exercises to help you become stronger--and all in a nurturing fashion. I have given her five of my novels and she is, hands down, the reason I am the writer I am today. I highly recommend her to any author who wants to step up their game. --Elyse Salpeter, Author of
Flying to the Light, The World of Karov, The Hunt for Xanadu.

"In my books, the phrase colorful editing is synonymous with Denise Vitola. Her work probes the depths of your material to help you ferret out what you want to say. Denise goes way beyond the average editor." --Sue Long Turner, Author of Wings Born Out of Dust.